Is Dancing Good For Your Health?

There are a lot of benefits that you get from dancing. Not only is it good for your health but it can also add to your self-confidence and ensure that you can live a very fruitful life.

Some of the benefits of dancing:

  1. Dancing happens to be extremely beneficial in keeping your body agile and young. It definitely takes care of retarding the ageing process, benefits the cardiovascular system and ensures that there is a noticeable increase in the blood flow and the lung capacity. The muscles required for you to breathe while performing the dance is equivalent to the amount of cycling done by professional cyclists on a daily basis.
  2. Dancing ensures that the joints in your body shall be well lubricated, and the fear of osteoporosis would not find its way into your body. If most middle-aged men and women take to dancing, they would find themselves looking at a significant drop in the estrogen levels that can stop the excessive calcium from being absorbed within the bones. It is the dancing that ensures that proper treatment and prevention for any bone calcification be done pretty fast.
  3. Dancing can help reduce the excessive weight that you have in your body. Appropriate dance routines exercise all parts of your body thereby increasing the blood circulation and improving the stamina. It has been estimated that about 10 calories are burned every minute that you dance vigorously. As an example, if you dance the Samba, you end up spending over 7 calories every minute.
  4. Proper dance techniques also help you to get the best balance in your gait. With dancing becoming an integral part of your life, you will be able to achieve a variety of positions of your body that can help you to find your balance in a number of difficult positions. This can strengthen the various muscles of your body and help in the proper coordination of your body along with quickening your reflexes. It is a wonderful way for you to rejuvenate your central nervous system and keep it in tiptop condition.
  5. The best part about dancing is the social interaction. Dancing happens to be the occasional as well is pretty entertaining, and can help you to create the proper social life. You need not stay at home on Friday, but rather interact with the people that you meet on the dance floor. Such kind of cultural interactions also lead to extremely good mental health.
  6. Proper grooming can also be done if you undertake good dancing. You will be able to remain self-confident, master the art of maintaining the perfect hygiene while keeping yourself healthy while dancing. That way, you need not worry about the hygiene related situations coming your way.

As you grow old, you might be looking at more medicines and frequent visitations to the hospital. Dancing can help you to take care of those small niggles along the way and enable you to lead a better life.

10 Most Popular Dance Moves

Nothing beats the charisma of dancing in public. It not only leads to a boost in self-confidence, but you would be a hit, particularly in wedding parties, birthday parties and even  Christmas parties. Not only would you be able to take care of your social mixing, but also ensure that people look at you as a tremendously self-confident person. However, even if you have been dancing for a while, there are always new moves that you could learn to make yourself a better dancer. So, we have listed 10 most popular dance moves that you could try to inculcate in your dance routine.

  1. Moonwalk is something that seems to be inherently difficult, but is amongst one of the easiest things that can be done on the dance floor. The best part about moonwalk is the fact that it is extremely easy, while at the same time people think that it is very difficult. So, you get full bonus points on doing this dance routine. It is also a fact that Michael Jackson made it extremely famous.
  2. Grabbing the crotch, is also one of the most significant and wondersome things that can be introduced into your dance routine. Michael Jackson made this a signature move, particularly when this would precede the moonwalk.
  3. Robot dancing is a very popular thing, and amongst one of the most anticipated dance moves that can be done in any party. The best part about robot dancing is that you need not train your body to undergo any complex dance moves, and it is extremely easy and very funny to execute.
  4. Leaning against the gravity happens to be a signature move by Michael Jackson, and although it is jaw dropping, but it is all but an illusion. However, this dance move requires a few accessories like pegs in the floor as well as proper dance shoes. If executed, this is certainly going to bring many accolades your way.
  5. Snake dance, popularized by Axl Rose is one of the most famous dance routines that you can find in the world. Undoubtedly, this is something that you can do even when you are 100 years old.
  6. Duck Walk, made famous by Chuck Berry is a wonderful move, and a very funny one at that.
  7. The backflip often noted as a move of gymnastics rather than a dance move, but it is pleasing to do. However, if you execute it pretty well, you are definitely going to have many admirers.
  8. Head spin is something that has become forte for the people that go for hip-hop dance. So, you are into hip-hop, this is one dance move that you need to go for.
  9. Worm dance is a popular one, and you would have to get down and dirty to conduct this dance.
  10. Harlem Shake is a new dance fad, and mostly undertaken by people simply vigorously shaking their bodies and not doing anything else.